Direction to Hebron

From Jerusalem to Hebron:

Go to the Arabic bus station in Jerusalem. It is close to Damascus Gate.

Take the bus from there to Bethlehem. It takes approximately 30 minutes.

At the end stop, walk at the same side of the road and in the same direction as the bus for about 2 minutes. You will cross a road and then on the right-hand side there are a couple of orange cars parked called service. Ask for the one going to Hebron (in Arabic Al Khalil).

You go with the service to its end-stop, the services end-stop can sometimes be on different places, but it is always close to Hebron service station. A service can maximum take 7 people at time. The service takes approximately 30 minutes.

The bus and the service has fixed prices, in 2017 the price was 7 shekels for the bus and 9 shekels for the service.


In Hebron to checkpoint 56 (Shuhada Street checkpoint):

After the service has taken you to end stop of Hebron, ask any person for the direction to Bab Al-zawieh. From Bab Al-zawieh it is 1 minutes walking to Checkpoint 56, also called Shuhada Street checkpoint.

In beforehand we will tell you to meet us either in front of Checkpoint 56 or at YAS centre. If you have problems finding your way, ask any of the bypassing Palestinians to call the number you have gotten from us and we can talk with them in Arabic. 


From Checkpoint 56 to centre of YAS:

Go through Checkpoint 56 (Shuhada Street checkpoint) and from there turn the first right. Take then the first left, go up the hill and then first left. You will enter an area with olive trees, walk right forward until you see YAS centre on the right. Usually we are the only house with a Palestinian flag hoisted.

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