Open Shuhada Street 2018 Campaign


2018 Campaign

Shuhada Street, once the main thoroughfare in Hebron has been almost entirely closed to Palestinians since 1994 when an American-born Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in the Ibrahimi mosque killing 29 in worship and wounding over 100 more. While Israeli settlers roam freely on the streets and carry arms, Palestinians homes and shops are welded shut and families must pass through checkpoints to reach their homes. Roads in Hebron are divided in half, one side for Jews, and one side for Muslims, and Palestinians face physical daily attacks by ideologically extreme and violent settlers and soldiers.

The Open Shuhada Street Campaign takes place in Hebron and around the world annually the week of February 25th in commemoration of the anniversary of the Ibrahimi massacre. In Hebron the campaign consists of a week of events culminating in a march that attempts to go down Shuhada Street. In 2017 international campaign focused on getting the Hebron Fund’s American charity tax status revoked and stop global financier, Goldman Sachs, from funneling money to the Hebron Fund.

Around 850 (according to the UN) illegal settlers live inside Hebron’s city center. They are the most violent and ideologically extreme of the settler movement.

Hebron has 12 permanently staffed checkpoints. Freedom of movement restriction barriers throughout the city.

Shuhada Street is almost entirely closed to Palestinians. Street facing Palestinian homes and shops are sealed shut. Families who live on the street must use alleyways, rooftops, and back entrances.

Separate walkway for Jews and Palestinians.

End Israeli apartheid in Hebron! Open Shuhada Street for all people!

Materials for the campaign - more added each year

Open Shuhada Street campaign partners in the US include CODEPINKJewish Voice for Peace, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Kurve  and more. 


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