Segregated and Unequal

Since 2015, the main street of Salaymeh and Gaith neighborhoods in Hebron have been divided down the middle into a Jewish side and Muslim side. In May 2017, Israel fenced in the entire neighborhood area, including the Palestinian side of the streets. They installed a door with a buzzer alarm that dos off any time someone opens the door. Each night at 11pm, as well as at the soldiers' discretion, the door is locked and the community imprisoned inside.   

Forty-eight families live under these live in the imprisoned neighborhood. Elderly and disabled must navigate rough terrain from the door to reach their homes and children must make their play spaces within the confines of the prison.


Dear Israeli Civil Administration, 

As people opposed to segregation and the imprisoning of communities, we demand you remove the fence around the Salaymeh and Gaith neighborhoods. 

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Dorothee Mages
Jonathan Gillespie
stephen witt
Kathy Bradley
John Gillen
John Petroni
Don Robinson
David Downing
Elaine Schwartz
Debbie Sequichie-Kerchee
Connie Stomper
Roderic Stephens
Alan Townsend
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  • Dorothee Mages
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  • Jonathan Gillespie
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    Jonathan Gillespie
  • stephen witt
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    Sign the petition: Apartheid Street
  • Amy Harlib
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  • Kathy Bradley
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  • John Gillen
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  • John Petroni
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    John Petroni
  • Don Robinson
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  • David Downing
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    David C Downing
  • Elaine Schwartz
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  • Debbie Sequichie-Kerchee
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  • Connie Stomper
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    End the segregation.
  • Roderic Stephens
    signed 2017-07-08 16:46:46 -0400
    Roderic Stephens
  • Alan Townsend
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